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Implementing operational risk management measures such as emergency response, crisis management and recovery can be daunting and not a little intimidating. For this reason, BCMfort provide a collaborative consultancy service to work with your people and your systems to provide the right options to protect your business objectives and ensure the continuity of service to your clients. We provide professional services in the following areas

  • Risk Management;
  • Information Security Management
  • Business Continuity Management

Your success depends on ensuring our work stays on track to deliver the outcomes you need. We work with our clients change management and safety protocols and continually adapt our work practices to ensure the successful outcome of your project. We provide regular dashboard and progress updates to ensure you are not left in the dark. We restrict our communications in your organisation to those contacts assigned to us and will always keep our client sponsor informed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Manage business continuity and resilience

To secure greater business ownership and management support we seek to embed business continuity and resilience within your organisational culture. To do this we break our assignments into five distinct phases of management and policy, analysis, design, implementation and validation.

Working together on management and policy work helps to define how business continuity and or resilience will be implemented, controlled and validated within your organisation. Analysis work includes completing appropriate business, social and environmental impact analyses, to help you identify business critical people and activities, recovery times required, single points of failure, key dependencies and possible workarounds. At the same time this analysis work can help you further qualify your existing risk register against agree organisational objectives.

Our design work includes identifying appropriate, cost justified, executable workarounds and options available. Some of these may be possible to implement immediately, others may require a longer term program of work (subject to capex and existing project shaping requirements). This work is essential to ensure the implementation phase of your program is adequately resourced and can be enacted without delay when needed. Our consultants can help you select appropriate tools and systems to implement the solution you need.

We can work with you to validate the solutions and plans you put in place through a series of appropriate exercises and rehearsal activity.


Manage business continuity

through the design and implementation of a framework (organization and process) necessary for the prevention, response (crisis management) and recovery

Advisory and consultancy

Our service arm has substantial experience in the following areas: Risk Management, Quality Management, Information Security Management, Business Continuity Management Specialising in integrating ISO management systems based on the newly unified management clauses.

Analyse and manage risks and impacts

through audits, threat and vulnerabilities identification, risk qualification, assessing business impacts and proposition of risk treatment measures

Strategic planning

Embedding continuity and resilience solutions into an organisation often require a group-wide perspective. We can support your strategic planning by establishing a continuous process of design and implementation of corporate decisions on governance, security, information systems, compliance

Assess compliance and present gap analysis

through compliance audits, the definition of indicators, development and implementation of compliance dashboards

Maintain legal and regulatory compliance

by establishing the measures required for regulatory and legal surveillance and compliance (FINMA, LPD, GDPR, data protection international laws and regulations)

Develop skills & competencies

including educating employees on the principles and rules about management and operation of information systems, business continuity, security and quality (BCI Good Practices Guidelines, ISO 27001, 22301, ISO 20000)

Audit and Assessments

Management uses audits and assessments to verify and validate that objectives are met, risks are managed, and compliance is achieved. Our services arm provides a range of audit and assessment services to include:

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